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Volleyball Co-ed

Daa’s Volleyball Story and How it Works

Our co-ed volleyball program began in 2004 with the goal of creating a recreational volleyball league for kids to learn the game of volleyball, be part of a team and have fun. We do not focus on wins and losses, so the kids are free to have a good time with no stress or pressure to perform. We started with one session and 150 kids.   We now have 600 to 700 kids playing annually in our Spring, Summer & Fall team programs, as well as our Skills n Drills clinics which runs November thru March.

There's 3 Divisions run by grade level/age.  All divisions are co-ed.  You do not have to be a resident of Central Bucks to register.

Division 1:  4th-6th Grades – Coordinator:  Art Bass,   This is a non-competitive, co-ed division with kids just starting out and kids with experience.

Division 2:  7th-8th Grades –Coordinator  & League Director:  Sherri Belfus Kracht,  sherribelfus@gmail.comThis is a non-competitive, co-ed division with a mixture of kids with experience and  kids just learning the sport.   At this level, they are learning the game so there’s more rallies, more ball skills and lots of kids serving overhand.

Division 3:  9th-12th Grades – Coordinator & League Director  Sherri Belfus Kracht,   This division is more competitive with playoffs the last week of the season. It's a mix of high school players, club players, intermediate players and some beginner players.


Parents: Time and Talents? Consider Volunteering-it’s only one night a week for 8 weeks and it’s a blast!  

Enjoy volleyball? Coaching or being an assistant coach is a great chance to be involved with your kids and give back to the community. The commitment is just one night a week for 8 weeks. Volunteers are the lifeblood of every good organization and our program has been incredibly successful because of the willingness of people to get involved. Jump onto the court as a volunteer coach, assistant coach or offer up your area of expertise.

Kids benefit by seeing us teaching, leading and mentoring in the world of sport.

Other ways to help besides coaching:

Team Builder- Volunteer needed to help build teams before the season starts, about 3 weeks ahead of the season.  Must be comfortable with spreadsheets.  Approximately 3 hours work, then a little bit here and there as we get add ons until the season starts. 

Social Media Coordinator- Volunteer needed to update social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram before seasons to advertise registration and during seasons to share the fun.

Website Coordinator-  Volunteer needed to keep the website up to date with current information.  Computer skills needed.  Approximately 1-2 hours a week before season starts and for the first 3 weeks of the season.

Background Check Coordinator- Volunteer needed to help volunteers get through the process of the background check.  Approximately 1-2 hours a week in the beginning of the season.  

Advertising Coordinator-  Volunteer needed to set up advertising in advance of each season with local newspapers, website updates and sign makers.  

 Interested?  Have ideas?  Please email me at or cell: 267-614-3911 and we'll set up a phone conversation to discuss. 

We can always use another set of hands to help.