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Co-ed Volleyball


DAA prioritizes the health and safety of our community, children and volunteers. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Central Bucks School District Facilities are currently not available to any outside organizations. It is DAA’s hope that we will have a traditional, safe and fun outlet for our community this upcoming season.  

Please check back here for any possible changes or updates, as we will provide information as soon as it is available.



I know many of you are itching to play volleyball again and can hardly wait to get back to enjoying rec league sports programs that Daa offers. We'll be back as soon as it's safe to do so.  

We've come this far and are so close to the finish line, with vaccinations for everyone becoming available very soon.    Please be patient and make the most of your time off, keep playing and practicing your favorite sports with your family or friends in your "pod".  

Many of us have lost loved ones during this pandemic crisis and it really comes down to this...We Don't Want to Lose You!  

Be safe out there, wear your mask, wash your hands and we'll see you when it's deemed safe by the CDC and we have access to CBSD gyms once again.  

Missing you all!

Sherri Belfus Kracht  -  Daa Sport Director for Volleyball

FALL UPDATE 10/1/2020

The Fall Volleyball program has been canceled for 2020 as we are unable to use the facilities we normally use.  Central Bucks School District has made the following statement: "Until further notice the use of indoor facilities by outside groups is prohibited until all phases are removed by the Commonwealth of PA".

While I know it's hard to keep hearing about cancellations of programs, sports, classes etc in our lives right now, please know that we're doing it to stay safe and in the hopes that it will minimize the spread of COVID 19.  We understand the frustration and desire to “get back to normal” for our kids sake and our own as well.  Health and safety is our #1 goal and we continue to follow the CDC guidelines to keep everyone as healthy and safe as possible. 

For now, keep washing hands, wearing masks and playing volleyball at home, practicing your skills. 

Sincere thanks for all the responses to our July survey.  There was a great response with many of you volunteering to help out.   :)

We look forward to the time we can all play together again in the future.    

Sherri Belfus Kracht     -   Daa Sport Director   -  Volleyball


Hello DAA sports families,

We hope everyone continues to be safe and healthy as we continue to navigate through these unique times. 

All registrations for 2020 spring co-ed vball have been refunded in full.

Registration fees have been returned to the credit card/account that was used to initially register.  Please check your statements as the credits were processed around mid May.  There were a few credit cards that were no longer active/valid and those folks have been contacted and will receive their checks by mail.  

Moving forward we continue to be directed by the advice of the CDC and other governing bodies for when it's safe to offer our sports programs.  Each sport is different and some sports are considered low risk and may be able to start earlier. 

At this time, we do not foresee any Summer Volleyball programs.  Our hopes are to be able to offer the Fall program.  

 We know it's difficult for our athletes, and we hope the volunteers, players, coaches, officials, families and our entire Doylestown community remains safe and healthy.  

We are anxious to get back into action, but want to insure it can be done safely for all involved.  See below for a quick assessment and reminder:

Lowest Risk
Perform individual skill development activities (passing drills, blocking, hitting, setting, serving, general fitness, strength training), at home (backyard, driveway, in-home), alone or with household members; use personal net at home to play with household members.

Medium Risk
The above individual skill development activities in public spaces alone or with household members or individual skill development with non-household members following recommended physical distancing; sanitize volleyballs.

Highest Risk
Participate in any team or group play; not maintaining recommended physical distancing guidelines; not sanitizing volleyballs.

We're in this together with the goal of getting through it safely and as quickly as possible.  Although we miss our old ways, we can find new ways that bring us joy too!

Please check the website for updates as things change constantly and we will adapt as quickly as we can.   Our goal is your goal, to get out and play volleyball!

Sending hopes for a quick recovery for all of our lives,

Sherri Belfus Kracht                    Daa Sport Director-Volleyball



Food for thought....

While sports are currently on hiatus, let's remember to be intentional about the ways in which we all work together.  Life is a team sport, and now more than ever, we all need to be good teammates to one another. 

The most meaningful achievements in Life are defined by how well we succeed with others and how we handle adversity.  Adversity helps build character and helps develop leaders.  Spectator, parent, coach, and athlete, everyone has a role to play.   Let's use the skills learned on the playing field to work together as a team as we go through these unexpected difficulties. 


Thanks for your patience and stay safe,


Sherri Belfus Kracht

Daa Sport Director-Volleyball

Daa’s Volleyball Story

Our co-ed volleyball program began in 2004 with the goal of creating a recreational volleyball league for kids to learn the game of volleyball, be part of a team and have fun. We do not focus on wins and losses, so the kids are free to have a good time with no stress or pressure to perform. We started with one session and 150 kids.   We now have 600 to 700 kids playing annually in our Spring, Summer & Fall team programs, as well as our Skills n Drills clinics which runs November thru March. 

Current volleyball opportunities are:

WINTER SKILLS ‘N DRILLS CLINICS - November through March

The goal of the clinics is to learn and practice skills and have as many touches on the ball as possible. They’re run by our league directors and assorted high school coaches and players. Clinics are held at Tohickon Middle school weekly on Tuesday nights with 3 sessions each Tuesday night.  We have two sessions:  1st session is November 3rd-Dec 22nd (unknown if the first session will happen due to COVID 19) and 2nd session is Jan 5th-March 30th.  

Division 1: 4th-6th Grade from 6:30 to 7:30 pm.
Division 2: 7th-10th Grade from 7:30 to 8:30 pm.*
Division 3: 9th-12th Grade open play from 8:30 to 9:30.

*Division 2 kids can stay through for Division 3 at no additional cost.

Clinics are Co-Ed.

Cost is $35.00 for first session, $50.00 for second session (12 weeks).

To register please follow the BLUE registration link below (if it's not here, it's too early to register).   

Parents: Time and Talents? Consider Volunteering-it’s only one night a week for 8 weeks and it’s a blast!  

Enjoy volleyball? Coaching or being an assistant coach is a great chance to be involved with your kids and give back to the community. The commitment is just one night a week for 8 weeks. Volunteers are the lifeblood of every good organization and our program has been incredibly successful because of the willingness of people to get involved. Jump onto the court as a volunteer coach, assistant coach or offer up your area of expertise.

Kids benefit by seeing us teaching, leading and mentoring in the world of sport.

Other ways to help besides coaching:

Team Builder- Volunteer needed to help build teams before the season starts, about 3 weeks ahead of the season.  Must be comfortable with spreadsheets.  Approximately 3 hours work, then a little bit here and there as we get add ons until the season starts. 

Website Coordinator-  Volunteer needed to keep the website up to date with current information.  Computer skills needed.  Approximately 1-2 hours a week before season starts and for the first 3 weeks of the season.

Background Check Coordinator- Volunteer needed to help volunteers get through the process of the background check.  Approximately 1-2 hours a week in the beginning of the season.  

Advertising Coordinator-  Volunteer needed to set up advertising in advance of each season with local newspapers, website updates and sign makers.  

 Interested?  Please email me at or cell: 267-614-3911 and we'll set up a phone conversation to discuss.  We can always use another set of hands to help.