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DAA Baseball Mission

DAA Baseball is proud to have served Doylestown area youth since 1968. Our mission is to offer local kids aged 5-17 the ability to enjoy and learn the game of baseball in an environment that promotes sportsmanship and a sense of teamwork and pride in oneself.

From T-Ballers to our older Connie Mack champs, it's always the same: a smile on his face after scoring a run, the sense of pride after a big hit.... Mission Accomplished!

We are an all-volunteer organization, and kids benefit by seeing us mentoring, leading and giving our valuable time in the world of sports. Please consider volunteering... it's typically only for 10 weeks and it’s a blast!  

Spring Registration is Open!

Click here to register for our Spring season.  Senior baseball is open, and Juniors (age 5-12) are in a Wait List phase now.

DAA baseball alum Andrew Wetmore (above), teaches and coaches baseball now at Pritzker Academy in inner city Chicago. With pride in Andrew, DAA is assisting him collect gently-used left-handed adult baseball gloves. If you can help please contact DAA!


Sign Up For Rained-Out Text Alerts

In order to be notified of event rain-outs, click HERE to sign up for SMS text alerts from DAA.