Currently Filled

Secretary – Recorder of minutes of Membership or Executive Board/Committee meetings, including:

Preside at meetings in absence of President and Vice President.
Member of the Executive Committee and Executive Board.
•Maintain a file of DAA Board meeting agenda documents, minutes, financial documents, sports budgets and other supporting documents (i.e. By Laws) shared at Board meetings.
•Be authorized to sign legal papers for Doylestown Athletic Association with the President as well as checks that require a Board-level signature. 
•Circulate a request for agenda items approx. 1 week in advance of Board meetings.
•Track Board meeting attendance confirmation via the Sports Engine App or received via e-mail to ensure a quorum of attendees a few days in advance of each Board meeting.
•Circulate a final agenda, financial documents, and sports budgets for review/approval at least several days in advance of the next Board meeting.
•Assist the President/Vice-President in the conduct of Board meetings by ensuring that the meeting agenda is followed.
•Circulate Board meeting minutes promptly after each Board meeting for review and approval at the next Board meeting.
• Answer or circulate, as appropriate, e-mail inquiries and questions that are received from the general public and addressed to the Secretary's e-mail address that is listed on the DAA website.