Currently Filled

Volleyball Sports Director

Objective:   To develop, plan for and organize a volleyball sports program and create well-run systems, using creativity, leadership and management skills, while establishing a safe and positive environment for all participants.

Volleyball Sport Director Responsibilities:

Represent Volleyball as a member of the DAA Executive Board responsible for the organization and operation of the sport under his/her supervision.  (1 meeting a month @ 1.5 hrs for 9 months)
Chairing the Board of Volunteers. (1 meeting a month @ 1.0 hrs for 4 months)
Submit a budget for approval by the Executive Board prior to beginning of the sports registration.
Maintain and promote fiscal responsibility and wellness for the sport.
Submit expense reports for approval for all expenditures to the Treasurer.
Secure outdoor courts or gym space for the upcoming season
Set up and open registration using SportsEngine
Manage the purchases of needed equipment and t shirts (uniforms) for the upcoming season.
Identify and organize volunteers i.e. coaches/assistant coaches/jr coaches/mentors etc. and verify Background Checks are current and on file according to DAA requirements.
Form teams and create schedules for distribution to coaches who will share with participants.
Maintain rules for the sport that align with the rules of the sport and DAA’s Philosophy.
Provide annual progress reports and plans of action for the coming year.
Award Sports scholarships as needed to provide opportunity where it may not exist.
Investigate, resolve, escalate and manage complaints, conduct or actions (including disciplinary action) that are not consistent with DAA’s Philosophy, governance, bylaws, Code of Conduct or policies.