What is "Travel" baseball?

DAA participates in the Suburban Travel Baseball league with other area teams from Warrington, Warwick, Plumsted, Northampton, Holland, Middletown, Pennsbury, Langhorne, etc. The travel program games and practices are in addition to the normal DAA in-house program.

To play travel baseball your child must be registered for DAA by your child’s age appropriate try out date and attend the tryouts as scheduled. Teams will be selected following the tryouts and indoor practices begin immediately. The Suburban Travel season runs approximately the same length as the DAA in-house season and games are played on Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons. Travel players will typically have 4 games (Fri/Sun travel; Sat/Wk Day in-house) and 1 travel practice per week on Wednesday night.

The cost to play “Travel Baseball” is incremental to in-house baseball.  Costs are further detailed out below. 

How Many Travel Teams are there?

The number of travel teams DAA offers is based on the number of players that try out and the availability of quality coaches. There are typically "A" and "B" teams at the 10U, 11U and 12U ages.  There are typically "A" teams at the 8U and 9U age groups - occasionally there are "B" teams at these levels.

What are the Age Ranges for Travel Baseball?

Travel baseball begins at 8U.  The birth dates range for each age group for 2020 are as follows:


Birth Date


May 1st 2011 to April 31st 2012


May 1st 2010 to April 31st 2011


May 1st 2009 to April 31st 2010


May 1st 2008 to April 31st 2009


May 1st 2007 to April 31st 2008


How do I sign up for Travel baseball?

For the 8U, 9U, 10U and 11U age groups, travel tryouts for the Spring are held in January.  There are typically a few winter workout sessions held prior to the tryout in order to allow the players to knock the “rust” off prior to the actual tryout. 

For the 8U, 9U, 10U and 11U age groups, travel tryouts for the Summer are held in Mid-May to early June.  

For the 12U age group, travel tryouts are typically held in the fall (usually September or October).  The 12U teams are formed earlier as the teams typically fund raise for a baseball tournament that they attend the following summer. 

The dates and times for all tryouts are communicated via email and posted on the DAA Baseball Announcement Page. 

What are the costs of Travel baseball?

Once the travel teams are selected, there will be a separate registration for the travel baseball season.  The fees for travel baseball are not covered by the in-house registration fees.

  • Spring Registration Fees cover the costs incurred by DAA to run the travel program.  The costs per player for the spring travel program for 2020 is $150. 
  • Spring Practice Fees cover the cost of pre-season practices in February and March at All-Star Baseball Academy, Intensity or at the PA Sports Ranch.  These costs vary by coach based on the facility and the number of sessions and range between $100 to $250 per year. 
  • Summer Registration Fees for “A” Travel Teams cover costs incurred by DAA to run the summer travel program and cover 2 tournaments per team (typically Cal Ripken district and States; teams that don’t quality for States will have an additional tournament covered by the registration fees). For 2020, these costs are $135 per player.  The fee can vary based on coaches signing up for additional tournaments.    
  • Summer Registration Fees for “B” Travel Teams cover costs incurred by DAA to run the summer travel program.  For 2020, these costs are $60 per player. 
  • Tournament Fees vary by team based on the cost per tournament and number of tournaments. Local tournaments typically range from $50 to $75 per player per tournament.  Teams will often attend special tournaments (e.g. Cal Ripken Aberdeen facility) which may be more expensive and require an over-night stay. 
  • Uniforms and Equipment – costs vary from year-to-year based on the players needs, but typically average $100 to $200 per player per year. 

There are no family discounts for travel baseball registration.

Please note that costs will vary by team.  This is meant to give families an idea of the financial commitment required for travel baseball.