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DAA Jr Baseball Spring Season Overview

When are the games played? - During the season (early April through mid-June), teams play 1 game during the week (Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays) and 1 game on Saturday. For an age group with an uneven number of teams, it is possible to have a week or weekend during the season with no game or with an extra practice.

Where are the games played? - Games are played at the Turk Fields, Maplewood Park, Bush Park or Sauerman Park. 

How long are the games? - All Junior baseball games are 6 innings or two hours. T-Ball and Coach Pitch games are usually played for 60-90 minutes. 

What can you tell me about practices? - We typically schedule 4-6 practices per team prior to the start of the season.  As always, the number of practices that we can get in is dependent on Mother Nature.  Due to games and field availability, there are a limited number of practices that can be held once games start. 

When does the season start and end? - Practices normally start around April 1st.  Opening Day is usually in mid-April.  The season typically runs through early June for the younger division and through mid-June for the divisions (Majors, Minors AAA, Minors AA) with playoffs.

How many games are there? - For Jr. Baseball, most age groups play approximately 10 games during the season (weather dependent), plus the playoffs.  Fewer for T-Ball teams.  

Is my child eligible to play baseball for DAA?

If you live within the DAA boundary area and your child is between the ages of 5 and 12 as of April 30, they are eligible to play for baseball for DAA.

If you do not live within the DAA boundary area, but the public/parochial school where your child attends is within the boundary area, your child is eligible to play for DAA. 

DAA is a Cal Ripken Organization and abides by all the rules and regulations followed by all Cal Ripken organizations.

What are the DAA District Boundaries?

Please note that this is under review - if you have any questions on eligibility, please reach out to Mark Tierney @  

The DAA Cal Ripken Travel Charter states:

Pursuant to the provisions of Rule 0.01, paragraph 5, of "Rules and Regulations" of Babe Ruth Baseball, All Divisions, the following hereby establishes or reaffirms geographical boundaries for the Doylestown Cal Ripken, Babe Ruth, League, which operates this date in District 4.

DAA league's territory, all within Bucks County, comprises:

  1. Doylestown Township
  2. Doylestown Borough
  3. New Britian Township
  4. Buckingham Township (A gray area with Tri-Township)
  5. Warwick Township the north west portion only, starting at the intersection of  Sugar Bottom road and Mill road. Mill Road to rte 263 York Road. York Road to Almshouse road.  Almshouse road to the Warwick Township boundary.  Follow the Warwick Township Line back along the Neshaminy creek back to the Sugar Bottom Road the intersection of Mill Road. 

How much does it cost to register for DAA In-house Baseball?

The cost to register for the 2020 Spring season is:

Division  Age / Grade  Cost
  Sr. Baseball (Connie Mack) (5/1/03 – 4/30/07) 13U to 16U   $330
   Majors (also 7th graders born before 4/30/09) 5th, 6th $199
  Minors AAA 4th $199
  Minors AA 3rd $199
  Minors A 2nd $185
  Rookies 1st $185
  Coach Pitch Kindergarten $185
  T-Ball (must be born after 5/1/14) Pre-K $99


All ages will receive a uniform (t-shirt, pants and hat).  

Jr. Baseball teams play ~ 10 games and have 4 to 6 practices (weather dependent).  T-ball teams play slightly fewer games.  

Sr. Baseball (Connie Mack) teams play 20 to 25 games.  

Is there a discount to register multiple children?

The discount is only for players registering for DAA Junior baseball and does not apply across sports (e.g. softball). 

IMPORTANT: To obtain a Discount for multiple children in same family

If you are registering multiple children in the same family for baseball, to gain the DAA discount you must register them all in this single registration sitting. After registering the first child DO NOT select the "Continue to Shopping Cart" option to finalize payment.  Instead, choose the "Register Another Person" option until the last child is registered. (The multi-child discount is as follows: 15% off for 2 kids, 30% off for 3 kids, 40% off for 4 kids and 50% off for 5 or more kids.)

What else can you tell me about T-Ball? I'm not sure my child's ready for it.

DAA’s T-Ball program is a casual way to introduce young children to the great game of baseball and to have fun learning the fundamentals of the game. 

Every player bats and plays the field each inning.  T-Ball is all about having fun, trying to hit the ball, and hopefully by the end of the year, stop having the kids pile on the baseball every time the ball is hit!

Can I sponsor my child's team?

We are always looking for sponsors for our in-house teams. A sponsorship gets your company's name on the back of a team's t-shirts, a link on our web site, and a team plaque. For 2020, the cost of a sponsorship is $150. We will make every effort for sponsors to be able to sponsor their own child's team. Sometimes due to special requests and the number of sponsors in a given age group, it is not always possible.

Paying for your sponsorship can be done when you register your child or by contacting our Sponsorship Coordinator, Dan Jenkins @

You do not need to register a player to be a sponsor.

What about special requests?

We do our best to accommodate requests to play with a certain friend or for a particular coach. Sometimes the number of requests for a coach or the number of friends (and friends of friends) makes it impossible to honor all of them.

For non-draft divisions we do try to take into account the school a player attends to increase the chance they will play with kids they already know.

For leagues that have drafts (Majors, Minors AAA and Minors AA), we are not always able to meet special requests.

What types of payment do you accept?

To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard or Discover information available.  Those are the only payment options supported (i.e., no Amex, and no payment-by-check allowed).

How are refunds handled?

Once registered and paid, refunds will be granted as follows:

  • Up to March 8th: payment amount less $10 processing fee (cost incurred by DAA)
  • March 8th – April 10th: payment amount less $50 ( processing fee plus the cost of uniform). 
  • After April 10th: no refunds issued

I'm interested in signing my daughter up. Are there many girls that play baseball for DAA?

We do typically have several girls in the league (usually at the younger ages). Girls are welcome to play at all ages and when possible, we try to structure our teams so your daughter would not be the "only girl on her team". As they get older, most of the girls tend to gravitate towards softball. Information about DAA softball is available at DAA Softball.

What equipment does my child need to be able to play?

Your registration provides for your child's hat, shirt and pants. Your child should have his or her own glove. Baseball cleats are also highly recommended.  Many players like to have their own bat and batting helmet but that is not required.

Each team will have a team equipment bag that will include batting helmets and catchers gear.  Bats will also be provided at each field.

Are there tryouts or evaluations for in-house baseball?

There are no tryouts for in-house baseball.

In order to try and make the teams as even as possible, coaches fill out player evaluation forms after each season that are used for the next year.  For new players, we ask the parents to provide an evaluation as part of the registration process.